Dining in Lawton

Lawton's best casual restaurants are located near Cameron University. This is not surprising because there are several informal diners, ethnic restaurants, pizzerias and buffet-style restaurants located near Cameron University that offer patrons a fantastic dining experience. Many of these restaurants are open until about midnight during the weekend. As a result, be sure to visit the pizzerias during the weekend to sample some of Lawton's best deep-dish pizzas. 

Be sure to visit the locally owned restaurants located near Fort Sill. There are several locally owned restaurants located near Fort Sill that offer patrons many delicious choices. Some of the most popular restaurants located near Fort Sill include seafood restaurants, steakhouses and bistros. Many locals enjoy visiting these eateries because they offer fast service that can help you streamline your travels. Be sure to visit these restaurants during the middle of the day to sample their takeout menus. 

Foodies will enjoy visiting the restaurants located near Caste Road. Caste Road is one of Lawton’s most popular dining destinations. It is located in Fort Sill about four miles northwest of Fort Sill's main entrance. 

Some of the most popular restaurants located near Caste Road include upscale steakhouses and buffet-style restaurants. Other popular restaurants include several ethnic restaurants and a coffee shop. Be sure to visit one of the Italian restaurants to sample some of Lawton’s most popular Italian dishes. 

The barbecue restaurants located in Snyder offer foodies many delicious choices. Snyder is a small town that is home to four popular barbecue restaurants. It is located about 35 minutes west of Fort Sill. Many foodies enjoy visiting Snyder’s barbecue restaurants because they offer patrons pulled pork, brisket, spareribs, and deserts that are too good to miss. Be sure to visit these restaurants during the weekend to see why Snyder is one of Oklahoma’s most popular dining destinations. 

Finally, be sure to try the American classics served by the cafes located in Walters. Walters is a small community that is famous for its American-style diners. It is located about 30 minutes southwest of Lawton near I-44. It features four American-style diners that offer patrons classic American cuisine. Some of their most popular items include delicious hamburgers, chicken fried steak and fried chicken. Other popular items include breakfast sandwiches, charbroiled sirloin steak, and several dinner salads. Be sure to try their chocolate malts to end in your meal in style.