Attractions in Lawton

Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center
In the heart of Indian country, a visitor looking for attractions in Lawton, Oklahoma, will naturally be drawn to the Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center. In addition to a complete history of the Comanche tribe, the visitor will be treated to exhibitions and collections that detail information often left out of current books and media. Because the bison was such an integral part of the tribe's very existence, there is even an interactive video game whereby individuals can experience the simulation of a buffalo hunt. Children and adults alike find the adventure fascinating.

Museum Of The Great Plains
Another museum drawing lots of visitors is the Museum Of The Great Plains. Its interactive exhibits and activities are family-friendly and attractive to all ages. The Building Buddies exhibit gives children a hands-on approach to laying brick walls, climbing scaffolding and painting cabinets. The construction site experience allows them to don a hard hat and wear a tool belt to get a feel for this type of environment. A prairie schoolhouse and a train station are unique outdoor attractions that will amaze young and old visitors.

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
If hiking and nature are favorites, the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge should be at the top of the list. While walking in this 59,000-acre refuge, one is apt to see white-tailed deer, Rocky Mountain elk, and American bison. Camping and fishing is allowed. Various tours provide opportunities for spotting eagles and viewing some of the only remaining native prairies that have escaped any type of plow.

Comanche Nation Water Park
When the heat is on, there's no place better than the Comanche Nation Water Park for cooling down. On these 12 acres, a person can choose from six waterslides or the Breaker Beach wave pool. A variety of tubes and twists send participants on a downward plunge. One slide swirls the visitor around in a bowl then flushes the person out below. A game center, snack bar, play gym, and fabulous buffet are all available on the same property.

Leslie Powell Art Gallery
A favorite spot for visitors is the Leslie Powell Art Gallery. A native of Lawton, Leslie inherited the bank interests of his father with which he established a trust that provides for the gallery. The Lunch Bag Lectures that are so well loved have been going strong for over 24 years now. Dull lunch hours are never the case. Subjects including history, arts and journalism are discussed by comers age 14 and above.